30 DIY Ideas for Your Beautiful and Charming Garden

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Compared to the renovation of the room, beautifying the garden at home is indeed easier. Even so, in fact, there are people who are confused about where he should start this. If you do so, making plant nurseries, hanging gardens, vertical gardens, zen gardens, cactus gardens, and fountain gardens can be an option. Installing a wooden bench, decorative cart, hammock, portable fire pit, or cement bench is also a good idea!

If the garden in your house has a fairly large wall, use it to place a wooden shelf as a pot support. The placed pot may contain the plant or the new one containing the seeds. This method makes you have more land to grow your favorite plants, right?

DIY Ideas
DIY Ideas

create a vertical garden. Eits, not only have to spend extra money, you can make it by utilizing recycling elements, how come. You can see an example in the picture above. With a little creativity, our landscape architects use used windows as a place to hang pots. And many more DIY creative ideas for you to try to create in your garden.

Here are some DIY ideas for your garden

Those are some interesting ideas to be able to create DIY creative ideas for your garden. To make it look more beautiful. Hopefully, this article can help you make creative ideas for your garden.

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